ARAS Investment Funds is a Mexican firm based in Chihuahua specialized in services for diverse investors


Working side-by-side with you for over 4 years


Stay updated on your investment at all times


Results and data-driven approach


The best guaranteed investment options to maximize your profits

Our Services

Guaranteed Funds

with flexible terms

Various Options

To invest with minimal risk

Personalized Plans

with great benefits

Invest with ARAS

Our Guarantees

Reliable investments
The strongest options on the market
Risk management reduces the chance of failure to 2%

About Us


ARAS Investments is a consulting firm specialized in offering reliable investment funds with minimal risk. Founded in Chihuahua, Mexico, ARAS offers the best rates in the market, sharing higher profits with its valued customers.


Real Estate: A solid fund with a great long-term yield, your investment is safe in real estate

Gold: With minimal risk over the medium and long-term, your investment is worth its weight in gold

What Steps to Take to Easily Invest in Our Funds?

Step 1

Analyze your budget and the different options

Step 2

Start investing and choose the term that suits you the best

Step 3

Follow up on your investment and receive your profits

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