Frequent questions

Somos una firma consultora especializada en ofrecer instrumentos financieros confiables y con un mínimo de riesgo. Fundada en la ciudad de Chihuahua, Chih., la empresa está compuesta por un grupo de socios que forman parte operativa e impulsan el crecimiento y expansión de la empresa.

We manage a diversified portfolio in the sale of real estate and metallic minerals; The foregoing as a result of the identification of an opportunity that is constantly growing thanks to globalization and the opening to both individuals and companies.

We currently have more than 7 thousand clients and our contract renewal rate is almost 90%.

The company is legally constituted, it also complies with the guidelines to be able to offer this service. We adhere to the rules established in the General Law of Titles and Credit Operations, General Law of Organizations and Auxiliary Activities of Credit, ISR Law, the Securities Market Law.

Throughout our life as a company, ARAS has undergone a gradual transformation, in its beginnings it worked as a Natural Person with Business Activity, later it was established as a simplified stock company in two stages, whose names are GRUPO DELCAS BUSINESS S.A.S. DE C.V. Y GRUPO JAGUS INTERNACIONAL S.A.S DE C.V., with the passage of time and the growth in the client portfolio, we went on to a new conformation as an investment promotion company, being registered as ARAS INVESTMENT BUSINESS GROUP S.A.P.I. DE C.V.

Always attached to the commercial laws that govern the operations of the company and striving to improve every day the service to our clients, who are the most valuable element.

The client lends his capital to ARAS to have much greater certainty in payments, the company uses it to buy metallic minerals that are later sold to producers in Jalisco for various uses and even for export. Regarding real estate, auctions are acquired from various banks, which are put up for sale to individuals.

When you enter with us, you sign a contract that stipulates the time, the revenues to be received monthly and the amount that the client contributes. At the end of the contract, the initial capital is refunded together with the last interest, at this point the client decides whether to renew or prefer to withdraw it.

New growth opportunities that allow you to achieve the proposed goals, as well as push you to achieve your dreams. Our goal is for money to grow month by month with clear and transparent guidelines.

ARAS puts money to work through 2 portfolios:

Real estate. He buys bank auctions, mainly low-income and medium-interest houses, which are remodeled and then put up for sale.

Metallic minerals. In the commercialization of metals, mainly gold, silver and to a lesser extent zinc and lead.

The purchase of metals is made mainly from mines in the states of Guerrero and Chihuahua to small producers who sell their product together through commercial intermediaries, then the precious metals are sold to entrepreneurs who market their product mainly in Jalisco, another part of the mineral is sold in the port of Manzanillo and Ciudad Victoria.

ARAS is in the process of expansion, in addition to diversifying the cities of metal suppliers and given the opportunity to grow and improve for our clients; The mining lots Navegantes I, Navegantes 2 and San Pedro were acquired, located in the municipality of Balleza, Chihuahua; being the first formally of the company of several that are going to be acquired that are already in the negotiation process and are contemplated in the state of Chihuahua and in other parts of the Mexican Republic for this 2020 and subsequent years, to find the best way to start the exploitation in a responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The acquisition of real estate is carried out through the purchase of bank auctions, we have several providers who negotiate directly with banks such as BBVA, Santander, HSBC and Citibanamex.

To the properties acquired by ARAS, an elevation of the public deed is carried out, which allows the houses to be registered in the name of the final buyer, thus avoiding double deed in a short period of time.

Yes, the income you receive with ARAS, you can give them the destination of your choice.

Para formar parte de ARAS, necesitas tener una cuenta bancaria y proporcionarnos algunos datos generales, uno de nuestros consultores te ayudará en el proceso.

Some of our advantages are:

  • Maximize your savings: It is a simple strategy, in which your performance is defined from the beginning. It can also be automated to help you start a habit.
  • Generate a long-term income: Have a retirement fund and thus be able to enjoy a full life.
  • Meet a short-term goal: Goals like a trip, a new gadget, or the monthly payments on a new car.
  • Profits: The profit rate is guaranteed for the life of the contract.
  • Payment: The payment of the utilities is monthly and that allows to receive an immediate return.
  • Profitability: It is above the market average.

Shelter assets: The company invests in shelter assets such as gold and real estate, which maintain their value in tough times.

The corporate is located in Torre Azenzo in the city of Chihuahua, and its subsidiaries are distributed in Chihuahua, Delicias, Mazatlán, Ojinaga, Torreón, CDMX, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca, Phoenix and Memphis.

In addition to the constant expansion in which we are, in the same way this year there will be more offices inside and outside the Mexican Republic.

The payment options can be:

  • Monthly The payment of the utilities is deposited once a month, during the term of the contract, in the client's account.
  • Single payment. At the end of the contract, the payment of accumulated profits is made, in addition to the return of the initial capital.

The date of payment of your utilities would be the date on which the contract was opened, if a late payment occurs it is because your date fell on a holiday, non-working day or weekend.